Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

This seminar introduces participants to a variety of evaluation approaches appropriate to public sector and nongovernmental organizations engaged in social change, poverty alleviation, education, health and development work. Key issues include: uses of evaluation; alternative evaluation methodologies; evaluation as the process of testing hypotheses about linkages and causality; evaluating for sustainability; stakeholder identification; participatory approaches to evaluation; cross-cultural perspectives on evaluation; funding of evaluation; and, the role of organizational leadership and management in evaluation. Seminar participants review and critique evaluations of development assistance projects sponsored by bilateral, multilateral, and nongovernmental organizations. Additionally, they develop original evaluation designs that allow them to apply critical seminar concepts to a real-life project.

Kent Glenzer
McGowan MG99
4:00pm-6:50pm on Thursday at MGWN MG99 (Aug 31, 2017 to Aug 31, 2017)
4:00pm-6:50pm on Tuesday at CFNT CF434 (Aug 29, 2017 to Aug 29, 2017)
4:00pm-6:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday at CFNT CF434 (Sep 5, 2017 to Dec 15, 2017)