Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

A “WordPress Resource” allows you to connect your students to an institutional (sites.miis.edu) WordPress site through Course Hub. Students may author site content or simply view what has already been posted. Course Hub saves you time by granting your enrolled students access to your WordPress site so that you don’t have to add them individually. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log into Course Hub with your Middlebury username and pasword:

2. On the left, under “My Semester Dashboard” click on the academic term you plan to add resources to (e.g. Spring 2014 - MIIS).

3. Next to the course you want to add a WordPress resource to, click the grey “Manage Resources” button. This will take you to a “Resource” page for the course.

4. To add a WordPress resource, click on the “+ Add a Resource” link in the course menu. This will take you to the Resource content type management page with the following options:

    • ERES Resource
    • Link Resource
    • RSS Feed Resource
    • SANSSpace Resource
    • WordPress Resource

To proceed with adding a new or existing WordPress resource, click "WordPress Resource" in the list of content types.

5. Next, configure the WordPress resource for the following settings:

What WordPress site?

Use the default (“Connect to an existing site”) if you have already created a sites.miis.edu WordPress site. Otherwise, select “Create a new site”.

Notes: If you want to reference a non-institutional WordPress site (e.g. one that does not contain sites.miis.edu), you must post the site as a “Link Resource”.

Path of the WordPress site (*required)

Enter the path of the new or existing site. For example, the path of http://sites.miis.edu/dlc/ would be 'dlc'.

Resource/Link Title (*required)

Enter “WordPress Site”.

Notes: This is the title that will be visible to students in Course Hub.

Who can view the link and updates? (*required)

Default is "The Class".

Description (not required)

Default is set to empty.

Notes: You do not need to change the default. If you would like to add a brief note here about how the WordPress site will be used, you may. Changes to the description will not affect your WordPress settings or your Course Hub.

What Role should students have in the WordPress site? (*required)

The possible roles are listed from fewest to greatest permissions. “Author” is likely the most useful role as it allows students to post and comment on each other’s work, and does not require the instructor to review and approve posts. The default is set to “Subscriber” with reading and commenting permissions only.

Notes: “Moderated posts” must be approved by the Editor/Administrator before being published. “Unmoderated Posts” will be published automatically.

6. Finally, click "Save" to proceed with adding a WordPress resource. Be patient after clicking "Save." You can now access your WordPress resource directly from the Course Hub dashboard.

Notes: If you have created a new website, your “WordPress Resource” will link to an empty WordPress site. You will need to log in to sites.miis.edu (MIIS) or sites.middlebury.edu (Middlebury College) to create and edit the site content.