Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

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Some faculty may want to migrate handouts, assignments and other activities from an archived Moodle site associated with a previous term.

NOTE: The Moodle archive will be de-commissioned in December 2018. De-commissioning is part of the approved migration to Canvas timeline.

You may either request assistance from the Help Desk via the Moodle>Canvas Backup and Import Request form, or follow the steps below to complete on your own:

  1. Create a Canvas site for your course
  2. If the Canvas site is not intended to be associated with a course in Banner, submit a helpdesk ticket as outlined here.
  3. To access the Institute's Moodle archive, you will need to be on campus and on the campus network, or you will need to be logged into the Middlebury VPN. Here are directions for logging into the VPN.
  4. Once logged in, you will go through steps to backup and export your course content from Moodle - see: Moodle doc on Course Backup
  5. Download the backup file (.zip)
  6. Import into Canvas - see: Canvas Guide on Importing from Moodle to Canvas