Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Add a Canvas resource to the section A course listing. This Canvas resource will serve as the primary content hub for all sections of the course you are teaching. Students in all sections will have the same access to the content and also the potential to interact with one another in interactive activities like discussion forums, unless group settings are explored.

2. To link additional course sectons (eg. section B) to the section A Canvas site, first begin process to add a new Canvas resource to the Section B course listing as you did for Section A above. However, before you click "SAVE," enter the Canvas site reference number from your Section A Canvas site in the text box at bottom of the page where it says “Connect to an Existing Canvas Course by ID:”

You can find the Canvas URL in your web browser when you are in the Section A Canvas site. You can also find it when you roll your cursor over the link for the Canvas resource Course Hub.

Here is a screenshot of what this looks like in Course Hub:

Canvas Example: If the Canvas link for your section A course is "http: //middlebury. instructure.com/ courses/ 222" you would enter "222" into the text box.

NOTE: If you do not want students in each of the sections to interact in any way with each other, for example in class discussion forums, then complete the steps listed above, and reach out to staff at the Digital Learning Commons to arrange for assistance learning about how to configure different group settings.

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