Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Time zone settings will not reflect Pacific Time automatically for Canvas resources created by MIIS faculty. You will need to adjust this setting in Canvas after you create a new Canvas resource via the Hub. This course setting is different from the time zone associated with your personal account, which is covered in Module 1 "Account Preferences" of the Teaching with Canvas resource.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Time Zone: Setting the time zone for the course will affect due dates and other events when you schedule them. If you course is on-ground, you should set the time zone for the local time.

  1. Log-in to Course Hub at http://courses.miis.edu and locate the Canvas resource you need to update.
  2. In your Canvas site, click on "Settings" in the left hand course menu.
  3. You will see the tabbed menu as pictured below. Change the third variable from "Eastern time" to "Pacific time"
  4. Scroll down and click "Update Course Details" at the bottom of the Settings page to save the changes