Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
What is Course Hub?

Launched in Fall 2013, the MIIS Course Hub is a user-friendly web dashboard designed to improve student and faculty online access. Course Hub syncs with Bannerweb course information and resources you may be using to enhance the learning experience.

Is Course Hub a replacement for Canvas?

No! Course Hub is a landing page that will direct students and faculty to term based course resources, including Canvas. Canvas (beginning Fall 2016) is the primary supported platform for organizing course content. Courses can be linked to other digital resources such as Google Sites, Google Drive, Panopto, or WordPress (sites.miis.edu).

I only use Canvas. Why do I have go through Course Hub?

Course Hub syncs BannerWeb course and student information with learning resources. Since each course uses different resources, the idea behind Course Hub is to simplify the course resource navigation process for students. With campus-wide use of Course Hub students should be able to access all of their course resources from a single website.

How do I back-up and import content from my Canvas site for a new term?

Complete the Canvas Back-up and Import Request Form. DLC staff and the MIIS Help Desk team is handing all requests for Canvas back-ups, and imports from a previous term to the current term for use in Canvas.

What do you mean by "resources"?

Resources include your course Syllabus, Canvas, Library E-Reserves, WordPress Website (sites.miis.edu), and Links to other websites you frequently reference in your course. Review How-To Guides to learn how to add a resource to Course Hub.

How do I add content to my Course Hub site?

The Digital Learning Commons team has created a series of video How-To Guides and step-by-step instructions to help faculty and support staff learn how to add and manage resources available through Course Hub. You can add as many resources as you want, but only the syllabus can be added directly to Course Hub. Build your content elsewhere (e.g. Canvas, Google Sites, WordPress) and then connect the content to Course Hub as a resource.

Can I change the updates displayed on my Course Hub site?

Viewers can filter the updates by Resource, but by default the updates page will always show the most recent additions from all of your connected resources. The goal is for the Course Hub sites to behave the same way for every course, providing a consistent way for students to find out what has happened recently.

I update my syllabus a lot. Will every update show up on the front page?

No. The syllabus plugin will show at most two updates for the syllabus: one when it was first added, and a second one with the time-stamp of the last update. All intermediate updates will be deleted so students can along with the changes, but not be overwhelmed by the intermediate updates.